How To Buff, Blend, And Wax After You Have Auto Body Repair Work Done

Auto body work can sometimes involve having your car painted. This can sometimes leave you with a problem that you do not see until your car is under the perfect lighting conditions. Paint not matching can be the issue, but it can also be easily fixed. With buffing and waxing your car, you can make the different shades blend together. Here is how to buff, blend, and wax your car to hide auto body repairs that have been done:

1. Painting And Using Parts With Colors That Blend Well To Hide Repairs

Some of the body work that you may need to do to your car can be minor. You may have a banged-up hood or bumper cover that needs to be replaced. If you are mechanically inclined, these are repairs that you may want to do on your own. When you get the auto parts from these repairs, try to get parts that match the original paint as closely as possible. Closely matched colors will be easier to blend in with existing parts.

2. Using A Buffer To Blend The Paints Together For Less Noticeable Repairs

When you get the parts on your car, you will want to use a buffing wheel to help blend the paint together. You want to start in the area where the new parts have been installed and work your way over the existing parts. Try to blend the paints together where the buffing marks gradually fade to two paints together.

3. Applying Wax Correctly To Ensure Your Car Has An Even, Shiny Coat

Once you have roughly buffed the paint together, it will be time to apply coats of wax. You may want to do this in several passes to ensure you maximize the blending effect. Apply the wax on the car and buff it in to achieve a nice shine. Do this in the same way you blended the paints together, start with the repaired area, and then, work your way over to the existing paint job. If you still notice different shades, repeat the process until the shades of paint look the same.

Buffing and waxing can be a simple way to blend your auto paint and make any repairs less noticeable. If you need parts to do minor body repairs, contact an auto parts service to get the painted parts for your repairs. These tips can help you blend repairs to make them nearly invisible.  

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